Treehotel - Dragonfly


Harads, Sweden


Completed 2013

Our proposal for the new Treehotel room is a long horizontal animal-like structure that spans supported between a group of 4-6 pines. The project is placed on a top of the hillside, on the edge of a thicker forest.

The idea was to create a small space which is connected to the tree crowns and the landscape outside, reacting to the different sunlight situations during the day. The horizontality of the building offers a clear break with the vertical pine forest and signalizes a man-made intervention in the natural setting.

The main windows open towards the south and to the wider landscape while the back wall towards north is more sheltering.

In the middle of the interior are common functions: kitchen, dining area and fire place from where one can enter the bedrooms and toilets, spaces which are cantilevered to the main volume.

The facade is made of corten steel which offers good resistance to the the harsh climate. Interior walls are of black-stained birch plywood, offering a warmer atmosphere on the inside. Fixed furniture like beds, kitchen bench and table plus benches is made of oiled thermo treated wood, as are ceiling and floors too.

Light fixtures are specially designed for the project, custom made by Swedish light company Ateljé Lyktan.