Floating Sauna


Hardangerfjorden, Norway

Workshop w/ Bergen Art Academy students


Completed 2002

Workshop combining Finnish and Norwegian culture, developed and constructed in collaboration with Bergen Art Academy.

The Finnish sauna room, reacing around 90 C in the wintertime (-20 C outside), becomes a place for sweat and silence, mental purification and physical maintainance. It is anchored in the middle of the fjord to maintain a level of privacy for the bathers. Little winter daylight comes through transparent walls, while at night the sauna shines as a floating lantern. Access with rowing boat only. Descending to swimming straight through the floor of water.

The possibility to construct came through the warm Golf-stream meeting the west coast of Norway, keeping the sea ice-free the whole year. In Finland, the sea is ice-covered from December to April, and the sauna would have to be lifted ashore in wintertime.