H2O Land


Sardinia, Italy

Workshop w/ NABA and Politecnico di Milano

Landscape Pavillions

Completed 2011

The workshop LAND H2O! which took place in Allai, Sardinia between June 20/06 and 28/06 – 2011, was a study in the relationship between human activities and the surrounding landscape. Through full scale building experimentation in wood and cooperation with the local population the group of participants designed and built three site-specific structures next to the Allai river.

Two of them were set in a small delta where the river sways gently by. These were an interpretation of the room program for the site which called for an information pavilion for hikers and a place to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

The third one was situated on a high bank by the river. The people of the town had been wishing for a pier from which they could dock their boats and fish. Due to variations in the water level the first option became too much of a challenge to solve in such a short time, and we settled for the latter. The fishing hut became a tranquil place, cantilevering over the river offering a close contact with the river space, it’s light, scents and acoustics.