A Wooden Folly

Fiskarsa, Finland

Completed 1996


The project is dedicated to the feeling of untamed joy of nature. It is placed by the river in the village of Fiskars in southern Finland and serves as a pavilion for the inhabitants and the numerous visitors to the area. The main space is formed as a cage; it is constructed of 45×45 mm aspen battens, connected together with pegs of oak. The woven structure filters the sunlight and the smooth sound of the river, and through the openings in the walls, one can see the historic village at a distance. The outer frame is constructed of 45×200 mm aspen planks set with a 20 mm distance to the cage. They are joined together with wooden locks and pegs of oak. The vertical sections of the frame are extended 2000 mm further down to enable visitors to enter the building from underneath.