Rome, Italy
Maxxi Museum
Completed 16.-26.5.2010

Cabinet Home is a wooden construction formed as a set of large steps from the ground towards the sky. It is made to receive rain and sunshine from above, and use these elements to create atmosphere and energy.

On ground level are the social spaces tuned to the Roman life style, with kitchen and dining opening to own garden with rain water collected to a Fontana. First floor is a living room or library, and finally in top floor bedroom offering view to the sky. The exterior is white to reflect the sunshine and make the building suit its surroundings, while the interior is a kind of a big shadow that makes it possible to rest the eye and body from the brightness and heat outdoors. The whole house can be detached into three container-sized units, and transported with normal road transport to the final location.With this project we wanted to encourage the use of solar energy generally, and especially in areas where sunshine is plenty as in the Mediterranean countries. Secondly, our homes in Western culture are built both too big and too expensively. At the same time it is possible to build a contemporary home with totally ecological simple materials as wood and stone and earth, and to achieve higher quality of living with less square meters. Herein should lay the main focus in architecture theory and practice today, not in some formal extravagance or egocentric prestige. Architecture is the theatre of our primeval social and private behaviour, fulfilment of our biological true needs, whether we realize, accept and implement this fact or not.

Cabinet Home is based on a simple idea of combining three nature elements that are freely there to be used for no one’s loss and everybody’s gain: trees that grow by themselves, rain and sunshine that come rain or shine.

28, 5 m2 interior + 10 m2 garden

Sami Rintala, Rintala Eggertsson Arch., Rinchard Barriteau, U2 Arkitekter, Jani Rintala, Tuomalan Tekniikka Ltd, Tony Karlsson, Tuomalan Tekniikka Ltd.Politecnico di Milano: professors: Paolo Mestriner, Massimiliano Spadoni, Giuseppe Cusatelli students: Chiara Cabrini,Clara Ferrari,Veronica Grazioli, Marta Bartolini, Emanuela Baldissera, Alessandro Parise, Giacomo Grazioli, Edoardo Giancola, Federico Zarattini

ONYX Solar, Spain - Tuomalan Tekniikka, Finland - Iguzzini, Italy - ACER, Italy - Finnair Cargo, Finland
support:Norwegian Embassy in Rome - Finnish Embassy in Rome