Venice, Italy
11th Internation Venice Biennale of Architecture - The Nordic Pavilion
Completed 2009

Milu is a wooden site specific installation next to the Nordic Pavilion, offering an informal meeting place for visitors in the Venice Biennale. The work consists of layered sawn timber of different dimensions. The material becomes not only the structure, but also an interior space with benches, a decorative presentation of wood inspired by marble layers in Italian churches and Venetian blinds, plus finally a light installation during the evenings. Moreover, the idea behind the structural principle comes from the Nordic Pavilion beside.

The name Miilu is Finnish and stands for an archaic wooden pile structure made to produce tar. The design and building took place during 4 days on site, but due to strict Venetian fire regulations and general fear of this element of nature, the fire burned only for some minutes. The project continues the Biennale theme *People meet in Architecture*.

Swedish Museum of Architecture, Norwegian Museum of Architecture and Finnish Museum of Architecture

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign affairs / Norsk Form

Karin Åberg Wærn, Eva Madshus, Kristiina Nivari, Anders Johanson / Testbedstudio and Tor Lindstad / Economy

4,0 m x 4,0 m x 4,0 m.
Wood - 6,16 m3

Dagur Eggertsson, Vibeke Jenssen, Sami Rintala, Chiara Cabrini, Michele Corno, Guglielmo Comini, Rathi Devi Easwaran, Ingvild Eikefjord, Linda Johansson Folgero, Edoardo Giancola, Angelika Huebauer, Leoni Hellen Kämmer, Elina Goksøyr Leine, Ingrid Londono, Celine Marchi, Paolo Mestriner, Sara Omassi, Espen Steinsvik Normann, Virgile Ponsoye, Audun Reinaas, Massimiliano Spadoni, Kaori Watanabe, Yeiri Yu, Frederico Zarattini, Elisa da Todo and Ross Hamilton