Beijing, China
National Art Museum of China
Emergency Architecture Units
Completed 2009

‘Graph’ was developed for the ‘crossing: dialogues for emergency architecture exhibition held at NAMOC (national art museum of china). It consists of modular building blocks develeoped in collaboration with students from NTNU and CAFA in Beijing.

The Exhibition was made in response to the earthquake in Sichuan in 2009, and consists of modular building blocks. The blocks are made from laminated wood with a textile cover that provides insulation and waterproofing. These structures are easily transportable and lightweight, allowing them to be easily assembled in disaster stricken areas.

Zhou Shu and Qing Pan

Yan Xiang Wei Ye Constructuion company, Dalian Shuanghua Wood Company, Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs, Norwegian University of Technology and Science, Embassy of Norway in Beijing, Helly Hansen Pro

Sami Rintala, Dagur Eggertsson, Vibeke Jenssen, Yashar Hanstad, Magnus Henriksen, Andreas Grøntvedt Gjertsen, Erlend Bauck Sole, Pasi Aalto, Olav Fåsetbru Kildal, Silje Strøm Solberg, Mario Vahos, Alexander Eriksson Furunes, Trond Hagen Hegvold, Xie Wei Long, Lin Yi Ting, Fa Feng Gui Ying, Zhao Chao, Hao Li Yun, Lu Jia Xing, Su Le Tian, Zhang Si Yu, Liu Ting Ting, Niu Zhi Yu, Zhou Teng Fei, Shi Bing Jie, Li Dan and Kong Seng Gi.

Pasi Aalto