Inner Mongolia, People's Republic of China
Competition Proposal
Competition 2008

In the project, we have focused on the environmental factors in Inner Mongolia and tried to create a micro-cosmos on our site, with opposite conditions from the situation on the outside. like an oasis in the Ordos desert.
The project is composed of two spatial systems:
The WALL; functioning as a wind barrier, creating good micro-climate for the inhabitants of the building and taking care of vertical and horizontal movement through the building. The wall surrounds an inner courtyard with 3 storeys above ground level and 1 storey below.
The BOXES; functioning as containers for living, eating, sleeping and leisure activities, as well as quarters for the workers. As containers of the room programme, the boxes are placed in a vertical order according to the need for daylight and privacy. Leisure activities are thus placed in the basement, entrance hall and workers spaces are on the ground floor, the living/dining-rooms are on the 1. floor and the bedrooms are placed on the top floor, providing as much privacy as possible within the building. The boxes are positioned horizontally to form a dynamic relationship to each other. Functions requiring a good flow of movement between each other connect in the middle, forming space which opens up in all four directions. Separate functions like the bedrooms are formed as independent entities and placed as singular objects in the wall, cantilevering into to the courtyard.
Together these spatial systems form a small three-dimensional village, with a comprehensive structure of movement, good daylight conditions and a possibilities for a well functioning method of natural ventilation.